“Hooking Up Made Easy?”

"The Dating Site That Tinder & Bumble Don't Want You To Know"

Dating can be really frustrating. There are people who are seeking a relationship, and there are others who are looking for something more…..casual.

With so many disaster stories that come from Tinder and Bumble where is the alternative?

“My name is Daron and I am 32 and single. I was so sick and tired of the way Tinder and bumble work! In order for me to speak with girls I had to match. That cut my odds of ever REALLY meeting them so slim. I am pretty much at their mercy and I felt like I had no control. Bumble sucks because the quality of women on there are terrible!”

“Honestly I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I just wanted to have some casual fun and just date around. I just don’t have the time to go out every night because of my work schedule. But I knew I had to find a better solution.”

“I was browsing the web one day and after many months of searching I found my answer! The website is called ULust and it is so easy to use! I started hooking up with HOT girls that were local which was another plus. You get to message the girls even if you aren’t friends so I got to convey my personality better which led to more dates! The best part is that it’s free and all the features are included so you don’t have to pay for anything! Best decision of my life was to join this site!”


The benefits of joining ULust:

  • Free Membership
  • Full Features ( Chatrooms, Webcam Chatrooms, Games, Instant Matching System)
  • All Accounts Are Verified For Real People
  • Instant Matches For Compatible Hookups
  • Women Message You First
  • Matches Are Sorted By Location To Make Meeting Up Easier